Most resilient canine toys 2022

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This is a long list of some of the most resilient canine toys we evaluated out with our difficult chewers, Remy and Wally!

Remy is a 3-year-old, 60-pound weimaraner. Wally is a 1.5-year-old, 40-pound Feist mix.

We rated the toys on a durability scale of 1-5 with 5 as the best/toughest rating.

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Both our dogs are very difficult on toys and we figured if a toy can last a few days with these men then it should be a pretty solid toy!

We hope you’ll add some suggestions in the comments section because there’s no way we can test out every toy. Plus, every canine is different.

If you have a difficult toy to recommend, please leave a comment and let us know:

your dog’s breed, age and weight
the durability rating you would give the toy out of 5 (5 as the toughest)


-Barbara & Lindsay

THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. We purchased these toys with our own money unless otherwise noted. This post includes affiliate links.

Most resilient canine toys 2021

We divided this post into five sections:

Best “indestructible” chew toys
Most resilient toys for fetch
Most resilient toys for tug
Our favorite stuffed toys
Best canine subscription boxes for difficult chewers

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Best indestructible canine chew toys for the toughest chewers

This section is focused on the most resilient and “indestructible” canine toys, but no canine toy is really indestructible.

These are our favorite toys that lasted Remy and Wally the longest. Both our dogs are difficult chewers who destroy many toys!

The 6 “indestructible” chew toys that made our list:

Black Kong extreme
Nylabone toys
The practically Indestructible ball
West Paw design toys
Jolly animals toys
Outward Hound’s Bionic Bone

Because this is the “indestructible” category, we had high standards with our ratings.

1. Black Kong Extreme, $13.89

Durability rating: 5/5

Order on Amazon here

The black Kong extreme is by far the most resilient canine toy that exists! If your canine destroys all toys, get him the XXL black Kong Extreme.

Remy and Wally can’t destroy the black Kong Extreme. In fact, it’s the only toy Remy can’t ruin!

Barbara has been a huge fan of Kong toys in general for over 6 years and she purchased a variety of different strength toys from the company. It wasn’t until Wally came into her life that she had to up the ante and purchase their strongest rubber toy yet – the black Kong Extreme.

She made that investment after Wally ever so nonchalantly destroyed her former dogs’ softer pink Kong with just a few bites! The company rates its toys by color, with black as the toughest.

Features of the black Kong Extreme:

Designed for power chewers
made of tough, natural, non-toxic rubber
Can be stuffed with treats and/or food
संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिकामा बनेको
top rack dishwasher safe
available in 5 sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL)

We recommend the XXL size for the strongest chewers!

Wally’s favorite way of entertaining himself with the black Kong extreme is by getting his raw food out of it.

Barbara stuffs the Kongs with pre-made raw food from companies like Darwin’s, places them in the freezer overnight, and then provides them to Wally. It takes him about 45 minutes to get the frozen raw food out of the large sized Kong.

The large black Kong extreme holds about 4 ounces of food. clean up is a breeze because the Kongs are top rack dishwasher safe.

Get the Kong extreme here.

*To get a list of our favorite toys emailed to you as a pdf, Click Here.

Other Kong extreme toys

Durability rating: 3/5

Remy has tried numerous of the other black Kong extreme toys such as the extreme Ball, the extreme Tire and the extreme Goodie Bone.

While these would be great for moderate or even strong chewers, he was able to destroy all of them within a few minutes. We still recommend them for the average dog, but they are not as resilient as the standard shaped black Kong for whatever reason.

Our verdict on Kong extreme toys: We highly recommend the Kong extreme (in the original “Kong” shape) for the toughest chewers. For large and huge breeds, get the XXL size.

2. Nylabone toys

Nylabone makes a variety of resilient chew toys that can hold up longterm to strong chewers like Remy and Wally.

Nylabone provides four varieties of chew toys:

Puppy teething
moderate chewers
strong chewers
Power chewers

Nylabone DuraChew big Chew chicken flavor Bone, $16.24

Durability rating: 5/5

Get it here.

This Nylabone toy is from the “‘power chewers” category. It is made out of extra difficult nylon, and it sure is tough!

Lindsay used to purchase one every few months for Remy, especially when he was younger and naughtier! It was always good to have one or two of these chew toys lying around whatsoever times, and Remy would chew on them instead of shoes or furniture! (राम्रो केटा!)

Each DuraChew big Chew bone would last Remy for about a month, which was better than practically any other chew toy besides the black Kong Extreme.

That being said, Lindsay does worry a bit about giving Remy Nylabone toys because he is such a strong chewer she worries he could crack a tooth (he never actually has, she just worries).

They are certainly a great option if you have a much more moderate chewer or a teething puppy!

Nylabone Busy-Time Stuffable canine Chew, $4.99

Durability rating: 4/5

Order on Amazon here.

This toy is from Nylabone’s “strong chewers” category. toys in this category are made of rubber and are not as hard as the toys in their “power chewers” category.

Barbara’s canine walking client Maximus has this toy and it has lasted him several months already. Maximus is an 80 lb Labrador/German shepherd mix (pictured above).

Wally got to test the Nylabone Busy-Time Stuffable toy as well. He had fun chewing on the largest sized toy (Maximus is featured with the medium size).

Features of the Nylabone Busy-Time Stuffable toy:

Stuff it with treats, raw or canned food or peanut butter
Made of durable, natural rubber
Available in three sizes
Bounces and rolls
Features raised dental nubs to help clean canine teeth
Comes with synthetic bacon flavor made with non-animal ingredients
Hand-wash only (not dishwasher safe)

Wally’s favorite way of entertaining himself with this Nylabone stuffable toy is by eating his raw food and peanut butter out of it, which keeps him busy for about 45 minutes. He’s had it for about a week now and has yet to do any damage to the toy!

Our verdict on Nylabone toys: Nylabone makes a variety of resilient toys and there are numerous options for different dogs.

We highly recommend the brand because you ought to be able to find a toy that works well for your distinct dog. Their toys for “power chewers” are certainly very resilient and hard, so it’s essential to understand your dog’s chewing style.

3. practically Indestructible ball Toy, $16.79

Durability rating: 5/5

Order on

Lindsay purchased the “Virtually Indestructible ball Toy” from because of the name. We wanted to find out just how “indestructible” it is.

Remy is obsessed with pushing this toy around and it lives up to the name. It’s made of strong plastic, and he can’t pick it up or puncture it. This actually really frustrates him! He will get onto this ball with his front paws and growl at it as he tries to bite it.

He’s managed to scratch it up pretty good with his teeth and nails but it is not destroyed and not even punctured after about 6 weeks.

This is an awesome, very resilient toy, and we didn’t even purchase the largest size. We went with the medium, 10” size.

We recommend the practically Indestructible ball if you have a fenced yard because it’s too hard and noisy to be pushed around the house. It tends to slam into the walls and furniture and could easily break things! Lindsay doesn’t have a yard so she took Remy to a big, open park to play with this toy.

Features of the practically Indestructible ball:

Dogs can’t puncture it, even really big dogs
100% non-toxic
संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिकामा बनेको
easy to clean with a hose
Possessive dogs like Remy can’t pick it up and “keep it away” from you
keeps dogs entertained as they push it around
offers good exercise
good option for herding breeds
comes in 3 sizes (6”, 10” and 14”)

Our verdict: This is a very resilient toy that Remy has not been able to destroy after several weeks of play. We highly recommend it as an outdoor toy for big and difficult dogs. It’s great to kick around and use it to interact and play with your dog. However, note that some dogs might be frustrated that they can’t pick it up.

4. West Paw design toys

West Paw design sent us some of their toughest toys to test out at no cost.

We like that West Paw Design’s toys are categorized for difficult chewers, moderate chewers and light chewers. here are a few examples of West Paw design toys that our dogs tested. extra points for West Paw because they are headquartered in Bozeman, Mont., where Lindsay and Remy live.

West Paw Hurley canine Bone, $15.95

Durability rating: 4/5

Order the Hurley bone on Amazon.

West Paw’s Hurley bone is made with the company’s “Zogoflex” material and is developed to last for long chewing sessions. This toy is solid (not hollow in the middle) and fits into West Paw’s “tough chewers” category. They call it the “ultra-durable bone.”

While Remy was able to damage this toy, we think it is pretty tough, one of the strongest toys we tested. Our only wish is that the company would make a larger version of this toy. The large Hurley bone is 8” long and we think if it were larger it would last big dogs a lot longer.

Features of the Hurley Bone toy:

Available in 3 sizes
संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिकामा बनेको
One of West Paw’s toughest toys
Dishwasher safe
Non-toxic, totally free of BPA and latex

Remy chewed on the Hurley bone for a solid 30 minutes. Lindsay fully expected thetoy to be shredded by that point, but it wasn’t! Remy really gets into chewing, and he was biting the Hurley bone as hard as he could with so much focus he was in a “trance.”

After about 30 much more minutes, Remy punctured the ends of the toy, but because the toy is solid (not hollow) he was barely getting it apart.

With another half-hour of chewing, we think Remy could rip pieces of the toy, but we are amazed that it lasted as long as it did. For that reason, we’re giving it a 4/5.

West Paw Zwig toy, $16.95

Durability rating: 4/5

Get the Zwig toy on Amazon.

We had three dogs test the Zwig toy and they all loved it!

It’s part of West Paw’s “moderate chewer” toy selection and survived 2 weeks of intense chewing without any holes or missing parts from both Wally and his 50-pound goldendoodle friend Lulu.

Features of the Zwig toy:

Lightweight yet durable (it’s blow molded with a hollow center)
Dishwasher safe
संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिकामा बनेको
Non-toxic, totally free of BPA, latex, phthalates
FDA compliant (safe to eat off of)
Comes in 3 different colors (orange, purple, and green)

Remy was our third tester of this toy and after 30 minutes of strong chewing he was able to puncture it and start to damage the ends of the Zwig. Still, we think anything that lasts over 30 minutes with Remy is strong indeed!

If you have an average or moderate chewer, the Zwig toy is certainly worth your money!

West Paw Skamp toy, $17.95

Durability rating: 3/5 (Note that it’s implied for “moderate” chewers)

Order the Skamp toy.

We had the same three dogs test out the Skamp toy, and it was another big hit!

Wally and Lulu thoroughly delighted in testing the orange version of the Skamp toy. It’s also part of the company’s “moderate” chewer selection, and although both pups did exactly that for 2 weeks – chewed it, tugged on it, played fetch with it – their Skamp toy is still intact!

Remy, on the other hand, was able to rip off small pieces on the ends of this toy but it took him longer than we thought! It didn’t last him quite as long as the Zwig or the Hurley bone, so that’s why we gave it a slightly lower rating.

If you have a difficult chewer like Remy, the Skamp toy is great for playing fetch or interacting with your canine vs. letting him chew/destroy it best away.

Features of the Skamp toy:

Flyer inspired with 3 arms
Floats & flies far
Dishwasher safe
संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिकामा बनेको
Non-toxic, totally free of BPA, latex, phthalates
FDA compliant (safe to eat off of)
Comes in 3 different colors (orange, purple, and green)

Our verdict on West Paw Design: It amazed us that West Paw Design’s toys were among the most resilient toys we tested, simply because of how lightweight they are.

We love their resilient Zogoflex material, which is the company’s proprietary plastic blend! They also make a broad variety of toys so you’re likely to find something that works well for your dog.

See much more on West Paw’s Zisc Disc and Jive ball in our fetch section.

*To get a list of our favorite toys emailed to you as a pdf, Click Here.

5. Jolly animals toys

Jolly animals makes a variety of difficult interactive toys developed for large, rough dogs! We recommend you check them out to find the best fit for your pup.

Most of their toys come in four sizes, including an XL size for dogs over 90 pounds. If you have a Rottie or a great dane, we highly recommend you look into the Jolly animals brand!

Romp and Roll ball, $8.49

Durability rating: 4/5

Order on Amazon here.

Remy evaluated out the Jolly animals “Romp and Roll” ball. This toy can be kicked or thrown. It floats, even if punctured, and it can be used for playing tug.

Remy was obsessed with this toy best away. His eyes bugged out when he first saw it!

It’s fun to play tug with this toy because the big ball in the middle protects your hands and acts as a shield from crazy dogs like Remy.

Features of the Romp and Roll ball:

Available in three sizes (4.5”, 6” or 8”)
Puncture resistant
Interactive toy & great for tug

The only problem with this p

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