On Shark tank Tonight, PupBox review and voucher Code

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What is PupBox?

PupBox is a monthly subscription box for puppies and adult dogs. It is focused specifically on puppies, and each box is customized with 5 to 7 age-appropriate toys, treats and accessories. the box also consists of training information certain to your puppy’s age.

PupBox sent me a complimentary box for this review. They are a local company that will be featured on Shark tank tonight! (Nov. 18)

We are giving away a complimentary PupBox to 3 readers of That Mutt. just leave a comment below to enter. Click here.

(Adult dogs will take pleasure in PupBox too!)

PupBox review and voucher Code

My thoughts on PupBox:

The folks at PupBox hand select each item in your box specifically for your puppy based on his age (8 weeks, 12 weeks, 4 months, etc.).

If I had a little puppy again, it would be so much fun to receive a box for him every month!

As an example, we received a box created for a 4-month-old puppy so I could show you people how the boxes are tailored based on age. the box contained chews toys specifically for a naughty puppy who would likely be teething!

(My 10-year-old senior pet dog was as delighted as a puppy to use all of the products! good boy, Ace!)

The items in our “4-month” puppy box:

Gnawsome Squeak and Light ball (pictured)

Turkey pride Bites squeaky toy (pictured)

12-inch steer stick (bully stick) from natural pet dog Company

N-Bone puppy teething rings

Chilly Bone (freezable toy for soothing aching gums during teething)

Prairie pet dog Duck Jerky

A training guide for a 4-month-old puppy focused on games, socialization, teething and basic obedience.

A recipe for a fun Thanksgiving treat – Pumpkin peanut butter stuffing

All of these items would be best for a 4-month-old puppy.

Yet, my older dogs (a 9-month-old weimaraner and 10-year-old lab mix) also took pleasure in every single item!

What is the cost of a PupBox?

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You can buy a single box for $39. Or, you can sign up for a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription and the price per box goes down. (All subscriptions are paid in full up front.)

1 month: $39/box

3 months: $34/box

6 months: $32/box

12 months: $29/box

What’s special about PupBox?

First, everything is customized for your certain puppy or pet dog based on age. The focus is on puppies and puppy development. Yet, PupBox also has great options for adult dogs. I like that each box comes with some in-depth ideas on training, socialization, etc. The training ideas are developed by professional pet dog trainer Andrea Arden from animal Planet.

PupBox also has an online store where you can re-order single items if there’s something your puppy really loved!

Pros of PupBox:

Hand-selected items based on your puppy’s age and size

5 to 7 high-quality items. My dogs loved every single item, so nothing went to waste.

All treats are sourced in the USA and Canada

All chews are sourced in the USA, Canada, South America, Australia or new Zealand

Options for adult dogs too!

The boxes are all focused around training and development. any individual who reads my blog knows this is so important!

Our box didn’t come with any useless items, if you know what I mean. We loved every item!


I know the price is a little high ($39 for a single box), but you’re getting high-quality items that would cost way a lot more than $39 combined. The cost is lower than some of the other pet dog subscription box companies.

Would I order a PupBox?

No. My dogs would love this, but in all honesty, I don’t spend extra money getting them toys, treats and chews. If I did, it would be a single box for a Christmas or birthday gift.

Would I recommend PupBox to others?

Yes, this is a great option if you love the idea of having a surprise box of treats, toys and chews arrive at your door every month, especially if you have a developing puppy who needs a variety of goodies for his changing needs. Every item in our box was high quality.

Use code THATMUTT15 for 15% off any order. Click here.

Giveaway – Win a complimentary PupBox for your dog

PupBox is giving away a complimentary box to three lucky readers of That Mutt.

To enter, just leave a comment below to let me know why this would be best for your pet dog or puppy. (Must have a U.S. mailing address to win or you can win for a friend.)

I’ll choose three winners at random on Monday Nov. 21 and announce them in Tuesday’s email. sign up for That Mutt’s daily training digest HERE.

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